Automotive Manufacturer Recall Campaigns

BMW & Mini Recalls

We are often asked questions about Manufacturer recalls- whether a specific vehicle is affected, or if we can perform the recall repair.

To determine whether your BMW is included in a recall campaign, simply search BMW’s website:

To determine whether your MINI is included in a recall campaign, check MINI’s website here:

Alternately, you can also search the NHTSA website:

For further information on safety and recall status, visit NHTSA’s site.

As to whether we have the ability to perform a recall repair- the simple answer is yes, we do- but you would have to pay us and then seek reimbursement from BMW NA/MINI USA. We have found the best way to handle recall repairs is to encourage you to visit your preferred dealer’s service department and have them perform the repair at no up-front cost to you.

That being said, if you have had a repair performed prior to a recall being announced, you can seek reimbursement from the manufacturer for the cost of the repair. They will typically require an invoice reflecting the date of the repair and the cost; if your repair was performed here, we will have that information on file and can reprint an invoice should the need arise.


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