Power Steering Fluid Flush Service

The power steering fluid of your BMW is just as important as the coolant or brake fluid. This fluid is used to assist the driver when steering, but just as importantly, it lubricates the steering gear that turns the wheels. The fluid, when new, helps condition the hoses and seals within the system. After time, the conditioners break down, resulting in hoses and seals that become hard and brittle.

Power steering fluid is pumped from its reservoir by a belt-driven hydraulic pump through hoses and then to the steering gear. After the fluid passes through the gear, it goes through more hoses to the cooler and then back to the fluid reservoir. The absence of a filter can cause problems; if a pump or gear starts to fail, the debris is sent through the entire system, resulting in an expensive repair.

Power steering hose replacements are among the most common BMW repairs. BMW has no recommended service interval for replacing the power steering fluid. At Munich Motorsport, we recommend changing the power steering fluid every 30,000 miles.




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