Though we do not sell or install tires, we are often asked our opinion on the matter- and for our recommendations on which tires to purchase.

With regard to run-flat tires, we have yet to hear positive feedback from a single customer. As such, we often recommend that when the time comes to replace your tires, instead of having run-flats installed again, switch to conventional style tires instead.

As to type and brand, we recommend, have had great feedback on and even use on our own vehicles the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus. For X model Crossover/Sport Activity and All-Wheel Drive vehicles, we prefer the Michelin Latitude Touring HP.

For standard, non-motorsport model BMWs, we recommend you call around for competitive comparison pricing.

For BMW Motorsport ///M Cars, we recommend you pay a visit to Gran Turismo East in Chamblee, on Shallowford Road at Chamblee-Tucker Road. Ask for Kieran, and tell him we referred you.


Tire Rotation

Though we do have the ability to rotate tires, BMW typically advises against tire rotation because often times, rear alignment has some negative camber- which causes uneven wear on back tires. If you move those tires to the front, you may experience less than perfect handling, and they may become noisy.

Essentially, the possible benefit of slightly improved tire wear will be negatively offset by reduced traction while the tire ‘wears-in’ in its new location.

Futher, staggered wheel set-up is fairly common especially on sport package equipped BMWs which prevents the ability to rotate.

Finally, if the objective is to save money by conserving tire tread, you must consider that what with the time and effort involved with rotating your tires, you’re not likely to come out ahead- unless, of course, you get ‘FREE’ rotation or have a service agreement with the vendor you purchased your tires from.




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