Having a clean and functioning cabin air microfilter in your BMW is extremely important, as it promotes clean air circulation throughout the cabin while running your A/C or heater.

Your microfilter is exactly the same as the filter you’ll see in home heating / air conditioning systems, except it probably doesn’t get as much attention. The microfilter rests in front of the interior fan/blower of the vehicle. As air is pulled into the cabin, particles and dirt are filtered out. In Atlanta, we often see these filters completely clogged with dust, dirt, debris and the biggest offender: pollen!

Old microfilters can produce a musty smell while the A/C is on. Once clogged, the interior fan will have a difficult time pulling air into the car. We have seen several cases where a customer will complain that their fan seems to be working, but there is no air coming out of the vents while the A/C is on. We’ll pull the microfilter to find it completely clogged with dirt, dust, bird feathers, bugs, dry cleaning stubs, etc.

BMW filters provide greatly improved air quality in the passenger compartment with triple filtering: mechanical, electrostatic, and activated charcoal.

BMW recommends microfilters be replaced at intervals of 15K miles; on newer models with Condition Based Service systems, the Vehicle Service section will estimate the time left until replacement is due.

Because of high pollen counts and other environmental allergens, we recommend you have them checked annually, especially if you suffer from allergies.

Munich Motorsport can replace your microfilter while you wait; to set an appointment, just give us a call or schedule an appointment online.




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