Valve Stem Seals

Is your BMW smoking? If your BMW is equipped with either the N62 or N63 engine, has an Oil consumption issue where a quart must be added every 300-500 miles and is blowing blue tinted smoke from the tailpipe when accelerating after idling, then the Valve Stem Seals have failed.

Bad Valve Stem Seals will cause excessive Oil consumption- and when the excess Oil passes through the Exhaust, the Catalytic Converter will be damaged. This is, unfortunately, is a common problem with vehicles from 2001-2015 equipped with N62 engines such as the E53 X5, E60 540i & 550i, E65/E66 740i/Li & 750i/Li and/or 2009-2013 equipped with N63 engines such as E70 X5, F01 750i, F10 550i and F12 650i.

The only way you can fix this problem is by replacing the Valve Stem Seals. The good news is that once it’s fixed, it’s fixed! One bonus to having the Valve Stem Seals repair performed is that it includes the replacement of the Valve Cover Gaskets- a common point of failure that results in a significant Oil leak. Plus, you will minimize damage to and save the Catalytic Converters.

Most dealerships charge upwards of $9,000 to replace the valve stem seals. As a BMW specialist, we can do it for much less. Our BMW repair shop is equipped with specialized tools, equipment and experience to provide this service now offered at $2,900 for N62 engines (Regularly $3,400), and $4,900 for N63 (Regularly $5,900).

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