n62 coolant pipe

BMW N62 Coolant Crossover Pipe Leak
Coolant Leak from Timing Cover Weep Hole

BMW has a costly- and not uncommon- problem with the Coolant Transfer Pipe in the middle of the Engine on its late model V8 Engines. The initial complaint is usually loss of Coolant, leaking from a small Weep Hole at the front of the Engine on the Timing Cover; this is commonly misdiagnosed as a Water Pump problem. The vehicle may also have Coolant leaking from the back of the Engine at the Intake Manifold Valley area.

The replacement of the failed Coolant Transfer Pipe (or, more specifically, the Pipe Seals) can cost between $9,000 – $12,000 at some dealers. This job entails removal of the front Timing Cover, Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifold, Timing Chain and Timing Chain Vanos systems among many other components, requiring between 60 to 80 hours of labor!

We repair it with All German Auto’s replacement Coolant Transfer Pipe in Atlanta, GA at Munich Motorsport.

All German Auto in California has provided a fix for this problem with a threaded, adjustable N62 & N62-TU Coolant Transfer Pipe that can be expanded into place and seals the Coolant Passage without removal of the front Timing Cover or Cylinder Heads. The tube is very well-constructed and is intricately machined with angled sealing surfaces requiring precise installation. At Munich Motorsport, we have completed a multitude of these repairs with the All German Auto Coolant Crossover Pipe without any adverse issues.

BMW vehicles this solution applies to:
2004-2005: BMW 545i (E60)
2006-2010: BMW 550i (E60 & E61)
2004-2005: BMW 645Ci (E63 & E64)
2006-2010: BMW 650i (E63 & E64)
2002-2005: BMW 745I & IL (E65 & E66)
2006-2008: BMW 750I & IL (E65 & E66)
2004-2006: BMW X5 4.4i/4.8is (E53)
2007-2010: BMW X5 4.8i (E70)

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